Agriculture & Markets

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Zucchini Blossoms, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Basil at Italian Farmers Market Zucchini Squash with Blossoms for Sale in Italian Market Purple Artichokes in a Basket at a Farmers Market Fresh tomatoes, Lemons, Radicchio, Leeks, and Fennel at a Farmers Market Stand Radicchio, Bibb, and Squash Blossoms in Italian Market Purple Artichokes with Oranges in the Background Fruit and Vegetables at an Italian Market Frisée Lettuce in Crates Italian Oranges for Sale (Arancia) Fresh Purple Artichokes with Stalks Broccoli and Romanesco Broccoli for Sale in Italian Market Freshly Baked Pretzels in a Glass Case at a Bakery Eggplant Vairieties for Sale in Italy with Yellow Bell Pepper in the Background Almonds and Walnuts in the shell for Sale in Italian Market Sandwiches For Sale in a Glass Case Raw Octopus and Whole Fish up close in an Italian fish market octopus raw in a container at a fish market various whole fish, cut fish, and shrimp prawns in containers at a fish market Prawns, Shrimp in a case at a fish market scattered whole fish in a case at a fish market raw whole fish and filets and shrimp prawns Bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine Steak) in a glass case in Italy Wine on a display in a wine shop in Italy Wine bottles for sale in a store Various Fresh Pastas on display Horizontal, Shelves of Wine Through the Glass with Building Reflection Vertical, Shelves of Wine Through the Window with Building Reflection Black Kale Leaves in a Bin Pecorino Al Pepe (Pepper Pecorino) with Salami View of a Deli Shop Through Window, with pumpkin Whole Pepper Crusted Prosciutto Being Sliced Pasta Hanging Over a Glass Meat Case at the Butcher Shop Sun-Dried Tomatoes Packaged For Sale with Mushrooms and Nuts Various Cheese Wedges and Rounds in a Glass Case For Sale Raw Italian Sausage in a Glass Case in Europe Pesto in a White Bowl in a Deli Case Tomato Pesto in a White Bowl with Salami Polpo Bollito (Octopus) in a White Bowl in a Deli Case Hanging Whole Prosciutto in a Deli Italian Man in a Deli with Salami on the Counter A Variety of Balsamic Vinegars For Sale in a Shop Salami hanging in a Butcher Shop in Small Groups Whole Fish and Beef in a Butcher Shop Window Various Aged Pecorino Behind a Glass Case Orange and White Aged Pecorino Cheese Rounds in a Display Butcher Window from the Street Tray of Pecorino Con Vinaccia Pecorino Wedge Behind Glass in a Market Wedges of Pecorino on Burlap Assorted Vegetables on a Table